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Big, Bright and Bold the Timbur Bangle is the latest addition to Timbur's unique line of products. With it's robust form, saturated colors and fine finish the Timbur Bangle offers a contemporary expression of design and manufacturing that is unique to the world of hand-crafted wearable art.

The shape of the Timbur Bangle, a geneological extension of our first product the Timbur Rattle, is an asymetrical pyriform toroid tapering from bottom to top that modulates in thickness as a function of its width. The Timbur Rattle provides an ergonomic fit that is meant to fall low on the wrist and drape gracefully over the first and second metacarpels of the right hand.

Each Timbur Bangle is precision machined from a solid block of locally sourced Poplar, sanded and shaped by hand, sprayed with multiple coats of non-toxic bio based resin and polished to an ultra smooth finish. As with all Timbur Products the Timbur Bangle is proudly and entirely designed, sourced and manufactured in the USA. Even the bags we use are made in the USA!

The Timbur Bangle is currently available in three colors:

Each color is available in three sizes:

The Timbur Bangle is currently available at the following online retailers: